Sunday Funday

To start our day we had a little visitor while eating breakfast by the garden… (just wait for the bird feeder project!)

We finally go back to woodworking today (…a lot more fun than spackling). Here is the new sill for the front window. To get enough thickness we had to laminate two boards, then rounded over the edges on the router table and lastly the cut itself is always a bit tricky.

Next we cover over the old jamb extensions with new oak.

Then started applying casing and the apron… There is obviously a little more to go so stay tuned.

The apron was also two boards glued up and cut to match the orginal profile.

In the kitchen I also got back to the basement door. I sanded the jambs to expose the old wood to be stained with the new casing. The inside of the frame beyond the (to be reinstalled) stop will remain painted.

The drywall around the door is smooth, flat, level, and done! And soon to be painted…

So that was it for our restful Sunday!

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