Earth Day, Every Day

In honor of Earth Day this weekend, I thought I’d share a small earth-friendly change that we’ve successfully incorporated into our daily routine: the cloth napkin.

People have been using cloth napkins since the napkin was invented, but now I think most people only use them for special occasions.

The key to any change, big or small, is making sure you have all the pieces in place to help things run smoothly – aka put a recycling bin in your kitchen and it’s already that much easier to recycle. Same thought here.

A paper napkin is easy to store and toss when used; used cloth must be stored until its washed. Currently we use this cloth lined basket we received a Christmas gift in:

Kept in a corner of the kitchen, and can easily be whisked downstairs to the laundry or out of sight if any discerning guests stop by (:

We’ve gradually collected a few sets of napkins that go together and with our kitchen, and just keep them in our old paper napkin holder:

Save the full dinner napkins for a more formal meal- cocktail size is perfect for everyday dinner. I’ve also heard tell that people iron their napkins but again, for everyday use, wrinkles won’t hurt you. They’d also be easy enough to make yourself as well, or just keep an eye out for sales.

Have you made any small green changes to your daily routine recently?

4 responses to “Earth Day, Every Day

    • I’ve really grown to love using them too, and with their own special laundry basket it’s not hard to keep them washed up. I commend you on the ironing… maybe once our dining room reno is complete we’ll take it to that level 🙂

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