Weekend Window Charette: Color / Texture

We didn’t stop at design, we also spent quite a bit of time developing a color palette with the boxes of glass samples Megan brought:

As you can see, the bay windows were great for examining lots of textures and colors, and setting samples against.

We also developed color with prismacolor, on photocopies of the design:

Here’s a piece of the window glass we found in the wall, that was left there from when the window was removed. We figured out a way to incorporate these pieces into the design:

We took the samples to the living room and kitchen, taking other colors in the space into account:

After a lot of design decisions: a palette is created! Obviously we probably won’t end up using ALL ~25 of these, but it’s a good place to start:


We’re excited because it’s going to incorporate some really fantastic and unique sculptural elements & colors. Can’t wait!

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