The Digital Age

Meet the newest addition to Madison Square, Mr. Dyson Digital Slim:

Our old upright bagless vacuum (I say old but really only ~4 yrs old) was a gift and while it was fabulous for a while it no longer worked. We were using our shop vac as a temporary solution but now that two floors of the house are “done” to a degree, it was high time to step it up and stop schlepping a shop vac to the third floor! -Enter hours and hours of research here.-

Slim is pretty sweet because it comes with a variety of cleaning appendages you can clip onto the main vacuum body, and, it’s cordless. It has a head with a rotating brush, which can be attached directly to the vacuum or the extension tube, which makes it perfect for “regular” style cleaning:

At first I thought it felt a bit heavy for one handed cleaning until I went to lift the March issue of Vanity Fair… It’s a tie:

One of the main reasons we went with this model was the ability to clean our three sets of steep wood stairs without the hassle of a cord or dragging a clunky vacuum up the steps. Seeing as I have unresolved stair issues, anything that makes stair traversing/cleaning easier gets a gold star in my book.

So far so good, although we do wish the battery lasted longer than 15 minutes! Once we start using it on a regular basis we may decide to get a second battery. It seems perfect for those quick cleanup jobs in the kitchen or hall, and does a great job on our area rugs. And window surround:

5 responses to “The Digital Age

    • Definitely one of the many things that sold us on this house- there’s two bedrooms with these bay window/ surrounds. Still so amazing to me!

  1. Wow! My relatives (owners of the bankrupt Chichester Chemical Company) lived here in the late 1880. What you have done with the place is amazing. Best!

    • Laura, thanks for visiting! That’s so amazing that your relatives used to live here. Actually we’re planning to do another history post soon with some new info we came across recently. Any info you know about is welcome and would be greatly appreciated. Knowing the history of our home and the people who have lived here is not only fascinating and but gives us a much greater appreciation for the home and place. We love our house and it’s very unique history!

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