Hanging Art, We Must Officially Live Here Or Something

Lucky for us, friends of ours were trying to find a new home for a giant 4′ x 5′ map of historic Paris. We’ve traveled quite a bit but never to Paris, regardless the map is really cool and we couldn’t pass it up:

After bringing it home on top of our car in December, we leaned it on the third floor railing and hadn’t thought much about it since until yesterday. It’s prettttty huge so we decided to hang it up here:

A little to the left.

The annual Progressive Dinner was last night, hence the dessert making the night before, so we took the opportunity to try a little furniture rearrangement.



I have no idea if my dream library chair -the classic Eames lounge- will realistically fit up here… But I think I’m willing to try:

Of course if I had this chair I’d have to make time to sit in it to read some classy lit, so I will have to keep dreaming until the house is done!

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