Shiny Things

New year, new shiny… my lusted after gold ceiling is here! Rob cut in:

Then I used a 4″ high density foam roller to roll on the rest of the paint. Metallic oil paint is hard to work with because its constantly dripping or seperating. It also soaks thru our standard cloth drop cloths! Once you get the hang of it it’s not too bad, and once dry it’s hard and smooth like nail polish.

Right now it has a slight striping effect and what the google world refers to as high-hatting, which is when the cutting in and roller overlap and look particularly shiney, both apparently very common with metallic paint. We’re going to put a second coat on and see if that helps. Anyone have any hints?

Now imagine blue upper walls and low watt incandescent fixtures:

Here’s a view of the shiny hall ceiling during the ductwork installation:

Whew, come a long way!

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