Corkalicious Sneak Peek

Our cork spent a whirlwind 5 day weekend riding thru MD & PA in our trunk after we picked it up last Friday morning on the way out of the city… Finally last night we were able to check it out:

So far it seems soft underfoot and the color is pretty consistent. For $1/ SF, it’s perfect. Final wall color choice is the large sample to the right:

Like any natural products there are pattern and shade variations that we’ll want to consider in the layout. We’ll be going thru all the tile boxes first to select the tiles we like the best. To paraphrase the secret message on the back of the old bathroom beadboard, ‘use the best tiles first’.

Adjacent 2nd floor flooring, tones look pretty close!

2 responses to “Corkalicious Sneak Peek

  1. Looks awesome! I’m so glad you are using the cork so you can be the guinea pigs! When we are ready to redo the kitchen, I’m hoping to use the same product.

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