Floor Prep

We’re prepping our bedroom floor for the new cork tiles. Cork is relatively thin and flexible, so it needs a smooth and level surface to adhere properly. We already fixed the floor “soundness”, but now it’s time to fix the floor “level-ness”, with self-leveler. We used it under tile in our kitchen and bath so we know lots of helpful, dollar-saving tricks to use less of the leveler, like adding plywood in the really low areas:

Priming the floor before self leveler is poured is important to get a good grip. Self leveler is like runny concrete, so you also have to block any holes it may try to run through. (We used caulk and duct taped the perimeters.)

Mixing the 2 part primer:

Rolling the primer on:

The primer has to cure for 2-18 hours, then it’s time to pour the self leveler on top.

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