Arbor Day

Our mulberry tree got a major trim this week… It’s needed it for a while although just last year we trimmed it back from the house it was already at the bay windows again… this is where it stood last weekend.

We interviewed, got a quote, and hired our arborists in October/Nov, but we waited until our garden flowers wilted before having them tackle the tree:


They trimmed all the dead branches, along with some of the live ones that were growing in toward our house and into the smaller honey locust tree a little further west.

All the trimming right after the leaves fell made quite a visual difference- the first night we came home I admit that I was thinking… What did they do to our tree?!? … but now that the crown is raised and the branches aren’t intertwined, thinking forward to spring… Maybe our garden will get more daylight.

There should DEFINITELY be less squishy mulberries on the sidewalk next May, and we shouldn’t have to trim anything back from our house for a while!

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