Its Monday, again. Rob’s working on the window, and I’m helping when needed / filling in with little projects and practical stuff like laundry. Exciting! So here’s a bit of what’s happening outside the little bedroom. Window details:

The window, chillin in the hall:

A bulge of loose plaster in the hall, where there is a cast iron stack pipe behind the wall. I was able to pull the plaster in with our fave plaster washers in the areas to the left & right of the stack:

But in the end realized the only way to really fix it was to pull out the plaster and put a drywall patch in. Hence the new hole. Sigh.

I also cooked and cleaned some hinges which we may use for the orange bedroom closet, or not. But either way they’re clean now:

Window update soon!

2 responses to “MoMoMonday

  1. Do you know why the plumbing stack caused the bulge?

    I’m curious because I have 2 spots of plaster that have started to bulge.. it’s dry and crackly feeling but in an awkward spot (over a staircase) so I haven’t investigated thoroughly yet. 🙂 I’d fixed that area of plaster over 6 years ago.

    • Well… Here’s what I *think* happened. The area is right at a hub/ connection of two pieces of the cast iron pipe stack and so the pipe gets wider there. So when originally installed they must have had to adjust the lath (cut it short, etc) to get the pipe to fit in the wall. Over time it cracked and was patched, but then when we replaced the damaged lower portion of the pipe, we probably disturbed it even more.

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