Hanging Doors, Part 4: Prep Existing Door

We’re reusing the paneled bedroom door. It’s solid wood, original to at least the 1900 reno, and heavy:

However it does not have the original handle set, and what’s there is not properly installed (hello, keyhole to nowhere) so we took it all off for now and have some plans to fix it up a bit… Perhaps with another antique set:

What is original and staying put is this thumb turn lock, which not unlike every other bit of the house was covered with paint. This is after I set it free:

Then I sanded the door with a palm sander & dremel and ended up revealing the many past lives of the door included cream, blue, grey, and turquoise! And discovering it was made of the same wood as the trim means that originally our house must have had a ton of high quality exposed wood – nothing was painted.


Oh well, it’s getting painted once again, but at least this time the hinges & hardware are unveiled and the old paint drip bumps were sanded out instead of painted over.

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