Stealth Project: Bookcase

A week ago I had the urge to unpack all the book- & magazine-filled boxes on the third floor. We had been holding off filling up the floor to ceiling built-in bookcase until we did a few things up here, including sanding down some of the paint so the glass doors shut all the way. Here’s what I started with- waist deep boxes:

We still plan to do these things, but it was time to unpack. After- shelves filled with goodies, and no more boxes!

There are so many shelves! And the cabinets are great for albums and oversized books. With daylight streaming in:

One of the original lower doors is missing, but that works for books we want to see. At night with the lights we installed 2 years ago:

It only took an hour or so per day over the week, not too bad, and although not “done”, feeling more like home!

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