Little Bedroom Surprise (?)

Based on this picture, I’m not sure if this is a surprise or not…


We decided to replace the window in the little bedroom (btw we really need to come up with a better descriptor for this room because it already feels MUCH bigger with the new closet).   But here’s the old window in it’s typical-unglorious-crooked-yellow-trim-closed-curtain look… just incase I need to prove my case:


 Due to the “Irene issue” we’re going to be ripping down all the plaster on the exterior wall, reinsulating, and refurring, gwb-ing, installing the new wall mounted radiator…. and with all that work we’d be insane not to take the opportunity to install a properly installed, fully functioning window.  If nothing else, we love scope creep

This guy clocks in at 2-7″ wide x 6′-0″ tall, which is slightly thinner than the previous window but more harmonious with the proportions of our other windows.   We’ll be recreating the trim as it is now, with a cool 45-degree splay and a nice deep sill.  Again we ordered from Marvin, who we used for all of our other windows (Kitchen, Bathroom, half bath, master bedroom) and we hope to see it delivered in ~4-6 weeks!

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