Rath Of The Hurricane

Thanks to Hurricane Irene, we are increasing our scope of work in the little bedroom. Apparently the flashing on the window was all sorts of installed wrong, causing secret major water damage for who knows how long. The amount of wind driven rain pushed more water in than usual, causing wet plaster under the window. Here’s the culprit:

The wet plaster- water went under the backwards window flashing into the rotten sill, down into the brick, new blown in insulation, and then the plaster. Right on our radiator size sketches:

How mad does Rob look?

Here’s the damage… at minimum we have to replace the rotten sill, rotten blocking under the window, patch the masonry, reinsulate, drywall, and replace baseboard:

We’re also considering replacing the whole window like we’ve done in other rooms, since we’re doing all this work now.

At least we realized this was happening before we finished the room. “Thanks” Irene…

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