Extreme Weather

You may have heard, but Irene is on her way to Philly:

Like everyone else, we’ve been trying to prep as best we can, including grabbing some fresh bread, stocking up even more than usual on fresh fruits/veggies/ cheese/olives, and filling pitchers with filtered water.

We know where the flashlights and candles are, and brought inside anything that may go airborne. We even repaired an exterior bathroom vent last night to prevent any kind of leaking.

(this was taken from our deck 2 years ago at our first demo-party…. It’s all gray right now)

We’re making a Saturday AM errand run for house-working-supplies, then hunkering down and keeping our fingers crossed that Irene won’t try to help with any of the demolition we’re planning on doing this weekend.

Stay safe, East Coast!

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