Basement Pegs

Today Rob installed a new pegboard in the basement to organize our tools; it will eventually have a work bench below it. Started with removing the existing shelves (see missing paint):

Then painting the wall white and adding a few studs, then securing the pegboard we already had:

Amazing! We can now SEE all our tools. This is serious progress because our previous system was metro shelves, boxes, and a tool bag and it took time to locate items:

Here’s the other newly organized side of the workshop side of the basement. Six feet of metro shelves from the little bedroom, a reclaimed dresser we’ve been using for organizing fasteners, painting, electrical, plumbing & heating items. Above that is our lovely manifold. We have so many paint cans…

It’s organized and labeled and awesome- Rob also did a survey of our stack of doors (8 or so?) and we can’t wait to get all the trim out of here and onto the walls!

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