Learning Curve

As we explore our options for the bedroom floor, we started looking into the steps to REFINISHING.  The room is under 100 SF so we already know this is probably not something we want to hire out, and we’re not ready to refinish the third floor yet.  “But hey, wouldn’t this be great practice for the third floor?” Rob says.  I say, let’s see if the West Philly Tool Library has a drum sander

We watched this informative video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Tt-SGltms0

Getting a feel for the cost from this site: http://www.diylife.com/2010/04/09/price-patrol-refinishing-wood-floors/

Even checked out the home-store websites: http://www.lowes.com/cd_Refinish+Hardwood+Floor_280130849_


From there, we made a To-Do list that generally goes something like this:

1) Check Tool Library for available sanding tools/find out where to rent them.

2) Remove the old radiator and protect the pipes coming out of the floor. 

3) Fix the floor.  Some areas need reinforced, some areas need patched in from old radiator pipes, fill any nail holes from the perimeter carpet nailer strips, check for any wayward nails or boards.  If any squeaks can be fixed… fix them.  Remove any baseboard we’re planning to replace. 

4) Sand with orbital

5) Sand with detail/palm sander

6) Apply poly.  We may need to stain to match the existing at any patched in areas but not the whole floor.  We have practiced this already in the threshold area of the hall/bathroom…  so we’re pro’s.  Or at least know what color to use.

7) Be excited because we’re done and now it looks something like this:

Of course there’s actually a lot of other work to do first, and prep work like plastic over the door to the hall, turning off/covering up the HVAC equipment, and taping over the outlets, but it seems doable, right?   Has anyone refinished a floor before (besides the guy on youtube)?  Any tips, like whether you paint the walls before or after all the sanding?

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