The Dawn Of Correction/ Voting

One 45 from 1965, “Better Days Are Yet To Come” from the album The Dawn Of Correction by The Spokesmen. Cant read the other side but guessing it’s the song “The Dawn Of Correction”. Has the name “Lenore” written on it in all caps.

Found: between plaster and drywall wall in our living room while replacing baseboard.

Brief history: the Philly-based group released only one album, as a response to a protest song titled “Eve Of Destruction” by Barry MacGuire. Time magazine did a comparison story on the two songs at the time, and you can still listen to it on iTunes.

Also, the lyrics are appropriate for today if you’re in Philly, as it talks about VOTING:

Dawn of Correction, The: The Spokesmen [1965]

The western world has a common dedication to keep free people from Red domination.
Maybe you can’t vote, boy, but man your battle station for there’ll be no need for votin’ in future generations.

Chorus: So over and over again, you keep saying it’s the end, but I say you’re wrong, we’re just on the dawn of correction.

There are buttons to push in too many nations, but who’s crazy enough to risk annihilation? The buttons are there to insure negotiation, so don’t be afraid, boy, it’s our only salvation.


You tell me that marches won’t bring integration, but look what its done for the voter registration. Be thankful our country allows demonstrations, instead of condemning, make some recommendations. I don’t understand the cause of your aggravation. You mean to tell me, boy, it’s not a better situation.


You missed all the good in your evaluation, what about the things that deserve commendation? Where there once was no cure, there’s vaccination. Where there once was a desert, there’s vegetation. Self-government’s replacing colonization. What about the Peace Corps organization? Don’t forget the work of the United Nations.


Very, very interesting indeed!

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