Project Tile: The Saga Continues

This time, Rob and I both tackled the tile cleaning for a few hours today (we’re ready to tile but we have to clean the old mortar, grout and other gunk off the old tile first). We pretty much have the process down- scrape tile with knife, spritz tile with Simple Green or one of the other Tile Cleaners from the other day, let it sit, then clean it off with a paper towel. Sounds easy but it is time consuming and monotonous/ sometimes tedious work… Here’s our workshop:

The majority of tiles are from an old tile company called Robertson Tile, but we discovered today that the blue accent tiles are Old Bridge:

It’s actually really interesting to be this intimate with the old tile… You start to notice the differences between pieces, and realize which portions are hand painted and whether it was before or after firing, etc. Lots to think about while cleaning tile!

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