We-Can Weekend

Saturday, Rob and I worked with the help of my dad to close in the entire bathroom. Here’s the sweet cart my dad made specifically to accommodate our mid block material delivery issues. We set up outside to cut then take the pieces straight up the steps and into the bathroom. Every time saving measure helps, including attempting this major feat the day before daylight savings time:

All of our brand new backer board was generously donated to our cause by my dad, who saved it for us from a job he worked on this summer. It is absolutely distressing to hear first-hand how often unused construction materials are tossed into landfills- including expen$ive backerboard! Off soapbox. The first sheet of permabase CBU is installed:

Cutting the niches after the board was up, to insure a precise fit. I later switched from a drywall knife to a jig saw which was much faster but burned thru a few blades:

Glue and screw:

Next up: pretty ‘after’ pics…

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