Finishing Up The Structural Work

It looks fine from here but here’s the offending floor joist:

Rob stands knee deep in the completed floor reframe:

We sloped the transition to the living room while we were at it:

I made the mistake of wondering what kind of antique construction debris/treasures etc I could find in this crawlspace before we close it up. Turns out lots of dust, broken tile, wood scraps, Multiple Bones, a brick, and a dead mouse mummy, preserved for eternity. I left most of those prizes in the hole. Eew. But here are some porcelain knob and tube insulators, and a weird rusted key:

Once I was done with that we poured the scrap remains of our Foam it Green experiment into the top:

We had been saving 2 bags for this occasion- It won’t do much insulation-wise but it will help make a nice clean bed for laying down the real insulation under the radiant floor.

Next up: Installing our radiant floor in the Kitchen!!

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