How To: Install Curved Drywall

Build curved wall:

Cut 1/4″ drywall to size, score on the side that will be the exterior of the curve, and get it very WET:

Fasten to studs as usual, taking extra care at curved/scored areas:

Drywall both sides of wall:

Chill on front of your new wall:

Seem too easy? That’s because we have to do it all again to get the minimum 1/2″ thickness. Then spackke and get it super smooth. But stll, fairly easier than I imagined it would be- and now we have a “half bath” with 4 walls!

2 responses to “How To: Install Curved Drywall

  1. Looking at the picture I think it can be done with half inch and it saves a lot of time and mud not much sanding less seams.

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