There Is Always More To Drywall

Measuring to cover up the foam insulation behind future kitchen cabinets:

My cookbook shelf is starting to materialize here on the left. On the right, we decided to move the awning window above the door to the outside wall so we can keep it operable, and that will also give us a deep shelf in front of the window for plants. Otherwise the drywall would have kept us from opening it (we decided thos last minute thanks to a prize idea by my dad so that’s why there’s plywood):

Anywhere it’s still green gets durarock. Durarock is a dense concrete board perfect for the backing of our glass wall tile:

We picked up some durarock tonight so hopefully by tomorrow night there will be no more green!

2 responses to “There Is Always More To Drywall

  1. Glass Tiles?!?! Sounds A-M-A-zing! Ma has been raving about the awesome-ness going on at your place since she walked in tonight! Sounds incredible! Congrats, guys!

    • thanks! you will have to come up to visit to check it all out. i hope you approve of the tile 🙂 and thanks for your lovely letter, we cant wait to get rolling on the stained glass designs 🙂

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