Before & After: Master Bedroom Closet Window

Before: bow window was in so-so condition on exterior- but no glass in the frames- just rotting plywood. The Interior was covered over in drywall and plaster with no sign of any window… As soon as we opened the wall we were met with a terrible damp smell because the window had been covered over with carpet behind the plaster and water had been getting in.

After: besides new Marvin windows, we rebuilt the sill and header, added new trim and flashing, and replaced the wood posts between the center window and side windows.

The photo is dark but here’s Rob up on the huge ladder- where he was all day- what a champ. Being inside was no picnic either- the sill height is at least 5′-5ish” which is above my head.  There are a few touch up items such as painting the new exterior sill yellow to match the rest of the house (thanks to the previous owners for leaving us some of the paint- and it’s even labeled with the manufacturer & color name!), adding some trim, etc.

2 responses to “Before & After: Master Bedroom Closet Window

  1. How will you enjoy your new windows if they are too tall for you to look out of?!?!? You’ll be like Gimli the Dwarf at the battle of Helms Deep. I think I’ll get you a box to stand on for Christmas. 😉

  2. haha I cant HELP it that I’m so short! I can see thru the window from further back in the room. Im not going to pretend I even know what the words Gimli / battle / Helms / Deep mean. Also, could you give me that fabulous sounding christmas gift early so i can pack my apartment up in it first?

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