What We’ve Been Up To

Time for a general update!  It’s November 11th, and in one month to the day we will be officially moved out of our apartment on Strawberry Street. 😦  Meanwhile, there is still a TON to do at our house before we can *comfortably* live there (heat, anyone?).   Recently we’ve been super busy at work on top of everything coming together at the house.   

HVAC: The HVAC contractor has the new equipment up and ready to go, except for final hookups for thermostats, diffusers and of course the POWER needed to run the things. 

ELECTRIC: Which leads me to our Dear Electricians who are still struggling along.   The 200 Amp service isnt in yet which we’d need to have supplemental heat from our new units (just until the radiators are up & running again).  We are waiting on them to finish & get inspected before we can spray-foam insulate our exposed walls in the kitchen.  We can’t drywall until the insulation is in.  But they’re getting there.

PLUMBING:  We still have more than a few things to do ourselves, including finish up running all the pex tubing to the radiators and installing the pex under the kitchen floor (should be easier than the bathroom).  We also need to run the copper pipe for water supply to the bathroom sinks & tub, and the kitchen sink.  The plumbers left the drain for the half bath sink partially finished so that is another thing to wrap up. 

INSULATION: The insulators were at the house last week to fill the attic, mansard roof walls and a few other locations with spray in insulation which should improve our heating/cooling bills (not that we have anything to compare to, but still).  We will need to insulate under all the radiant floors with the two-step instructions I posted about last weekend.   I started the insulation in the bathroom walls (more of the cuddly batt insulation) and most importantly our Foam It Green insulation was delivered.  This spray foam actually comes with Tyvek suits and shoe booties to prevent the installers from become a disgustingly sticky green mess by the end of the project.  Cant wait to post pics of that!!


KITCHEN:  Monday we ordered our cabinets from Ikea (love the kitchen sale!), and they should be delivered in about 2 weeks.  The floor needs to be leveled before we can install those cabinets.  We’ve already resolved ourselves that the floor tile will not be done when we move in (…December project!) There are still a few things to wrap up ordering-wise too, such as appliances (picked out, just need to order), wall tile (picked out, just need to order),  granite (again, picked out, just need to order), and faucets (havent picked out, starting to panic).  See a theme here?

BATHROOM: We still need to order the floor tile, wall tile, which could delay in the installation of the TUB. We need to get on this one ASAP!!!


– The windows should be in “Any Day Now”

– Need to pick paint colors & paint

– Lots of little projects along the way including basement paint & windows, wood paneling in the dining room, installing all the pendant light fixtures & switch plates, etc etc etc!


So as you can see, we have lots to do.  I will continue to try to keep everyone posted on our progress!!

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