Garden Update: April

The garden is starting to look more like it’s spring every day. No buds on the mulberry tree yet, but that’s ok- we can certainly wait for berry season… But check this out- don’t remember this from last year:

These other little purple flowers are tucked in among the ivy, creeper and onion grass:

The onion grass has been up for a while in this mild weather and is looking lush. Some lilies and tulips are starting to sprout too:

See our neighbors daffodils and tulips blooming just up the block?

Rob and Maddy cheered me on as I cleared out some wind blown debris and refilled the bird feeder.

Great day for some fresh air and sun!

2 responses to “Garden Update: April

    • Thanks for the info!! I guess we’ll take the pretty weeds until the rest of garden shapes up πŸ™‚

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