Wanted: 24″ Paneled Doors

doorWe are in need of 2 24″w solid wood paneled doors, preferable Victorian era.  And let me tell you it is HARD work tracking these things down.  We have 3 30″w doors from the demo, and a few leads on craigslist led me to even more 30″ & even 36″, but they just wont fit our new closet & half bath.  I did find one guy on craigslist who has ONE 24″ door but that isnt going to help much unless I can find another similarly paneled door so they sorta match (they will be within sight of each other).    A whole lot of searching for a whole lot of nothing.

Well, my dad got us in contact with an architectural salvage place here in Philly he heard about through a friend called Provenance, and they have a pair of 23″ x 89″ doors we are going to check out tomorrow!   Hopefully they aren’t caked in 40 layers of paint (have enough of those to strip down already, thanks).

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