Friendly Neighbors

Our Garden

Our Garden

The Gibb parents came up again on Sunday to help demo some more of our old kitchen.  I really dont know how we’d do it without help, it would be taking weeks instead of days.  My dad is a union carpenter and altho I like to think I get some of my building “skills” from him, in reality he can demo a wall of drywall in about the same time I can demo a 2′ x2′ spot.  So the help is REALLY appreciated.   We took a break at dusk and went to sit on our stoop, and our neighbor/the seller’s realtor came by to say hi.  Then another neighbor walking her puppy stopped by.  And later a neighbors kid was walking his dog, noticed we were using flashlights in the house, got scared and ran to tell his mom who told our realtor who told them- it’s okay! They’re just working in there.  I really like our new neighborhood, it’s full of friendly people and the garden block really brings everyone  together.  Our apartment building now has no sense of community- you really have to work hard to even get a hello out of people in the elevator!

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