Mirror Mirror on the Wall

We were given this lovely mirror, which is going to go great in the Nursery.

1 - IMG_5214

It’s an antique from Kelly’s grandparents house. Unfortunately it was stored in an outdoor storage container for several years which was not kind to the plaster ornamentation.

2 - IMG_5217

To stabilize it we used a combination of wood hardener and Elmer’s wood glue to stop any more sections from falling off, as well as reattached a few pieces that were dislodged since we have had the mirror.

3 - IMG_5301

We used plaster to rebuild the missing ornamentation. It was a process to form the rough shape in plaster and then carve out the details once the plaster set.

4 - IMG_5350

The lower left corner is the resculpted section- what do you think? We then painted it all white to bring out the details and go with the Nursery color scheme.

5 - IMG_5402

Since it was so nice out we were able to finish the last coats of paints outside (we just had to watch for leaves failing into the fresh paint!).

6 - photo

And up on the wall it went (with several wall hangers since it is one heavy mirror… they don’t build them like they use to!). Below the mirror is another antique, a hundred year old dresser from my great aunt which we are using for the changing table (Another reason for so many beefed up hangers for the mirror).

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