Back Porch Replacement – Day 4 … A Setback

We started the day with a supply run that of course took forever as usual. Then we had to run out again for about an hour and in that time a scrapper must have come up the alley and stole our gate track!!! Yes the key item that holds the whole thing up that is hard to get! They also made off with our gutters that were down for the stucco work and the extra rebar! Ugh … They usual come around the day before trash day picking through so we had placed the material under some plywood. Obviously they still found it… So that was a real downer for the day.

This is what the beautiful primed track looked like. We had this smaller section inside along with all the accessories for a complete installation. So now we need to find some more track that works with everything else we already have…

So after that we eventually got going. All the bead board for the exterior got cut to length & primed.

The column enclosure got built.

And the gate frame was cut & assembled.

And tomorrow will be another day.

2 responses to “Back Porch Replacement – Day 4 … A Setback

    • Thanks! Long, exhausting, sorta disappointing day on Sunday, but yesterday was better! New post soon!

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