Bust A Move

Today we busted out some more tasks, heading towards the goal of poly-ing the oak trim in the living room. Let’s see, what did we do today…?

We installed the hardware for the sliding pocket door to the powder room:

Lockable bathroom = a move in the right direction. Also, a fancy pull!

We also sanded the existing window in preparation for the stained glass due to arrive in a few short weeks. Plywood will come out for that. Remember, this was all behind a wall when we moved in. Before:

Grueling work. But worth it for the coming window… The old oak is so nice under all the paint/ stain. During:

A little more touch up after the plywood comes out but almost there:

Closet hardware is next. Routing for hinges:

Pretty oil rubbed bronze hinges (new):

While the toilets MIA it’s time to put a hole in the wall between the radiator enclosure in the credenza and the bathroom, to bring in heat. Also gives access to bleed the radiator.

Hi rad, did you miss us?

And here’s the antique grille we found at a salvage place a while ago. Still needs painted.

A little view from the soon to be stained glass window towards the garden. So close to functional!

A new {secret} project is coming up the end of this week so wrapping up the living room ASAP is priority!

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