Playing with Masonry!

And you thought we were done with the masonry and on to finish work! (Me too)

…Yesterday, we repaired the base of the front living room window. The old rotted sill was removed and the old brick exposed.

Like we have done for all our masonry projects, we mixed our own mortar so it is appropriate for the old brick. (When buildings move you want the mortar to be the sacrifical element not the bricks. Pre mixed modern mortar is very strong like modern bricks but would crack the old softer bricks…)

We filled in a gap between the inner and outer wythes of brick, replaced some corner bricks, and made a level bed for a new sill.

And in goes a new pressure treated sill. This will be good to support the bottom of the window and our new interior trim. (And if we ever get around to replacing these windows at least this part will be set.)

While I had the mortar out & mixed I also took the opportunity to fill the holes from our old front door light since it’s now on the opposite side if the door… It was about time.

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