Elephants & Donkeys Oh My

A few weeks ago I saw some Eadweard Muybridge Animal Locomotion limited edition prints on an art site I prowl, 20×200… They sell out fast but I was able to get one each of the donkey / elephant studies:

Muybridge did a ton of photographic studies of how animals and people move in the 1870’s-90’s.

Check out the 20×200 site sometime- it’s pretty unique. A few frames later and we have some new art:

The custom picture hangers Rob fashioned from metal rods:

Hanging (for now) in the guest bedroom, (the best part about picture rails is that your art doesn’t have to be permanent / you don’t need to feel guilty for putting holes in your new wall… Or is that just me?):

Practically perfectly straight!

Muybridge’s work is so intriguing. A lot was actually done at the Philadelphia Zoo around the time our house was built. (Wiki has some good info if interested!)

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