Odds & Ends

After work today we went on an ICA behind the scenes tour of the Union League and then back home to work on the house… The league has a fascinating history and a great club house (which is also only a few years older then our house … 1865 vs. 1872)! Look it up some day if you have time.

So back to our odds and ends to finish up the 2nd floor.

The inside of the air return in the hall was spray painted black for a consistent look,

And our salvaged and refinished grille finally installed. The finish works well with the ceiling and light fixture colors.

Kelly also touched up the polyurethane on the floor in both bedrooms and the hall.

This is where we patched in and refinished the floor when we moved the bedroom door location to add the closets. You would never know…

In addition we did some more paint touch-ups, reinstalled the smoke detectors, and lastly installed new hooks. The bathroom and our bedroom got these handy and clean line fold down hooks. When not in use they are very discrete and almost go away.

Here was a new cute elephant hook for Kelly’s purse in our closet.

At this rate we may even be able to set up our guest bed tomorrow night.

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