Hinge Makeover

We found these lovely hinges at Olde Good Things in Scranton, after digging thru their piles and buckets of hardware. They’re definitely different from all the other hinges in our house, but they’re so cool so we decided to use them on our bathroom door*. First they needed some steel wool and then it was time for spray paint action:

The second set is original to 1900’s reno, but unfortunately these copper plated hinges, which I stripped in the crock pot, wouldn’t clean up as well as their earlier brethren. These are slated for re- installation at the bedroom door. So we decided to paint them too:

Only the best periodicals and boxes were selected as drop cloths. Clearly Black Friday 2011 was all about… manicures?

Ready for their new life on Madison Square:

All ready to go:

*That’s right, we’re actually going to install a door!

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