And you thought we were done. We. Can’t. Stop. Flash back to Irene, small bedroom, window leaking, blah blah. So we’re up to more of the same. Taking this semi- intact looking exterior wall:

And ripping yet more plaster & lath off of it.  The plaster in this room is the worst shape in the entire house.  I have no idea how many times it was patched and yet it was cracked/ looking worse for the wear.  We like plaster and try to keep it where practical but this is in terrible shape and the brick beyond is in disrepair and there’s no other way to get at it.  All the wood was water damaged and we can sorta see into our neighbors cornice.  Eeks.

Despite my bum leg, I (slowly) managed to climb up the scaffolding.  I had to forgo my patented plaster-demo-kick and my doctor told me that balancing on one leg on scaffolding while using a crowbar is not really recommended, so I let Rob help a little bit 🙂

The demo revealed some scary Halloween worthy items such as the fact the entire window and framing is held in place by spider webs.

Afterwards, we tossed the demo bags into the clean* alley thru the window.  Those “contractor-grade” bags hold up well!

So that was a fun 2 hours.  Next up: masonry work, frame wall furring, spray foam insulation… but mostly focused on installing that window before the temps drop too much!  Why are we always installing windows in the dark/ cold?  Just a handful here:


*Clean – we spent our extra day-light savings hour sweeping the alley, so yes this is CLEAN!

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