Fun On The Floor

I’ll skip the painting pics tonight and instead show off the start of our mini floor refinishing project. There are 3 sections of newly-uncovered wood floor that need some love. First up, the old threshold into the orange bedroom. We moved the 1900-reno wide/ solid threshold a few feet to the new door location and uncovered this:

Second spot- in the orange bedroom where an ‘L’ or cartoon-foot shaped portion of the old closet wall used to be. Now it’s in the bedroom right outside the closet door:

Third and probably least noticeable spot also used to reside under the old closet wall. Now it’s chilling in the new closet:

This project didn’t really get started until 10pm (see painting and poly-ing) so suffice to say there is more to come. However Rob did manage to resecure one of the boards at the threshold that was practically just laying in place without nails (so I am told):

I also got started on the other two lumps of floor with our new sander & some 60- grit paper. The tape outline is to guide the sander.

These areas obviously were missed when the floors were (recently but before we moved in) refinished so they’re 1/8″ -1/4″ higher than the surrounding floor. Next steps: Sand, stain, poly, done.

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