Getting Close To Cork

After a lot of thought & research we’ve come to the conclusion that we’d like to install cork floor tile (glue down) in the little bedroom & it’s new closet instead of patching/ refinishing the existing hardwood. The bedroom is pretty small and we’d be putting in a lot of grunt work that would mostly end up under a bed anyway. So we got some cork samples!

They’re pretty:

We’re leaning toward a consistent pattern in a 12×12 tile:

In general we’re looking for a color that is close to the warm golden color of our wood floors. I’ll give a more in-depth cork flooring post soon!

One response to “Getting Close To Cork

  1. We recently used a floating cork floor in our Project Basement reno and I was very very (very) pleased with the end result AND the reasonable price tag.

    We went with the click/lock together plank construction and installation was a breeze. The warm cork color & texture are a great update for the space.

    Can’t wait to read more!

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