Lay Out

We laid out the closets tonight for framing- red carpet sample is the orange bedroom closet, purple is for the little bedroom, & linen at the bottom of the photo. If anyone is wondering if these closets will fit clothes hanging on a coathanger, with a shelf above, the answer is yes, if you have mini coat hangers. Kidding. They are regular depth closets.

Just drafting right on the wood in many areas because it’s will be under the wall:

We’re trying to keep the nice orange bedroom hardwood floors safe from harm by layering clean dropcloth sheets under plywood. This method is awesome and I highly recommend it:

Yes these are my current favorite work on the house shoes, what?

2 responses to “Lay Out

    • Thanks, they’re only a *little* impractical with little bits of demo dust flying everywhere. We’re glad the hurricane spared us but also trapped us in the house long enough to start another project.

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