The Little Bedroom Flip

One of our upcoming summer projects is fixing up the “Little Bedroom” (to use as a guest room until the dining room table is moved into the real dining room and out of the real guest room). Since that is still many months away, and we’d like to give our guests a real bedroom instead of an air mattress on the third floor, the Little Bedroom Flip has moved up on our schedule!

First up: heating the room. We have a fin tube radiator with new pex piping that works fine, but with Little Bedroom clocking in around 74 square feet, every inch really counts. So we’re doing research into a much smaller, 2″ deep wall mounted radiator.

By figuring out the size of the room and what percentage of the walls are ‘outside’ walls (22%) we determined that we’re looking at a 36-42″ long 9-12″ high model:

Hopefully this will be ordered this week and we’ll be on our way to a more efficient bedroom layout!

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