Neighbors: Don’t You Love A Big Belly?

You may have heard that our Graduate Hospital neighborhood association, SOSNA, is fundraising  to bring two sets of  Big Belly Trash & Recycling receptacles to our area.  This is great news- currently our entire neighborhood has only ONE public trash can!   (click here to see the existing  neighborhood/ trash can ratio).    BigBelly Solar Overview

 Big Bellies have a fun name but in essence are eco-friendly solar-powered compacting bins that alert the city via text message when they’re full.   They’ve been in place Center City for almost two years, but the city can’t afford to put them everywhere (although they will subsidize and empty them if  purchased).

SOSNA’s pilot program will bring a set of Bellies to 18th and Catharine Street and to our local corner at 23rd and Christian Street  This is on our commute and in front of our favorite local corner store Christian Market (who is also on board to support the Bellies).

The dream of clean and green city streets isn’t cheap – even at a subsidized rate: $4,500 for each location.   If you’d like learn more or donate to the cause, click here:

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