Local New-To-Us News

Hi neighbors!   A few interesting Philly-neighborhood items have come to my attention this week and I feel the need to pass on the knowledge:

* If you live in Graduate Hospital/ South of South/ whateverwecallitnow and haven’t seen this yet, you should take the SOSNA Community Survey.   Click here

* Did you know: The City of Philadelphia has a Graffiti Abatement Team that will remove any graffiti you report to them, FOR FREE, within a week?  That is tax dollars worth spending.  Report your local annoying graffiti location here (even if it’s not on your own property):  http://www.phila.gov/qualityoflife/Grafffiti_Removal.html (yes it’s 3 f’s in “graffiti”… i just triple checked!) 

* Snow Removal: Section 10-720 of the City Code was amended this fall.  It now requires property owners to clear a 36″ wide path along the sidewalk within 6 hours following the end of a snow fall.

(I promise this was taken within the 6 hour window!)

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