Project Tile: Done Caps

Tonight we cleaned the rest of the caps. Some have minor ‘patina’ aka chips but we still love them. A few others got a little dose of sobo and now are good as new (the upside down ones are drying):

Ready for their close up:

The back of the tile, ‘Robertson’:

Tomorrow, we’ll clean ~200 2×6 tiles, and then we’re ready to set some tile lines…!

2 responses to “Project Tile: Done Caps

  1. Hey Rob…looks familiar, since we did the same thing! I have quite a bit left over tile (2×6) if you need fillers. Ours were labeled “Robertson” too! We ended up installing a new cap and cove since the originals were more damaged than not. Can’t wait to see the end result!

  2. Restoring old tile is quite the intensive process, it must be nice to be done! Thanks for the offer of the tile! We have enough 2×6 tile but are a few short on the caps… We were also short on some of the decorative tiles but worked out the pattern to accommodate it and strategically located the outlets & switches to make it work! I remember seeing some process photo of your bathroom on Facebook but not the finished?

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