Gadgets and Gizmos A-plenty

(well it’s been stuck in my head all evening, your turn):

We’ve got whosits and whatsits galore (Rob’s fab spreadsheet):

You want thingamabobs? I’ve got plenty… (one ipod nano looking option)

But who cares, no big deal, I want moooooore: (printed out for scale)

Here’s a close up of the leading potential, long awaited, whole house intercom system (one station):

It has some cool features, such as:
– expandable/multiple stations all connected by cat 5e wires. We’re looking at a package of 6, one each in the basement, living room, master bedroom, little bedroom, third floor and deck – plays music from iPod/ phone/ built in radio to all stations
– monitoring capabilities (Example: you can set a room to be a baby monitor and listen throughout house) – rings as the doorbell at all stations
– can page to all stations (example: “bring more beer to roof deck!!”)

All are very useful items in a four story house. Also, we just love gadgets! Too bad they don’t also clean, cook, give massages… Or help with bathroom remodels. Plumbing updates Tuesday, I promise!

One response to “Gadgets and Gizmos A-plenty

  1. We had one in our house growing up… it was pretty cool. It even had something like 30 differant doorbell chimes to pick from (including holiday themed ones)

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