One Year Review, Part 1

Hard to believe it, but Wednesday marks one whole year since we bought our beloved house and started this little “project” of ours. You may recall we planned on just opening up a wall between the kitchen and living room, renovating the kitchen, replacing a few windows, all the electric and plumbing, adding a half bath, air conditioning… Scope creeped in and so we weren’t completely correct in thinking we’d be done everything in time to move in in December 2009, but we’ve certainly learned so much along the way. In honor of that fact, I’m posting some never-before-seen photos from the first few days and weeks of work, back when we thought a “demo party” would be a one day affair, safety goggles were optional, and bare feet were perfectly normal on a construction site….

Rob digs into the kitchen wall a mere few hours after settling:

Then we take a look from the living room side:

We knew there was a window frame in here from the outside:

We weren’t exactly expecting the carpet, though:

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