Because We Are That Cool…

…we drafted our house plans in autocad before we even moved in. Here’s a print out of the kitchen that we were using to lay out tile. Although we didn’t end up using this pattern, it may be helpful to get an idea of what we’re working with here:

– North is ‘up’; gray areas are counters or cabinets
– it’s about 9 feet x 15 feet

– 2 new windows on the North side
– the North wall is where our sink is; dishwasher is to the right of that – the fridge goes in the ‘hole’ on the East wall
– the wall oven and full height pantry are just south of that – the entry to the dining room is in the South east corner
– the South wall is our partial height wall; the stove top and potfiller are there
– the seating area (where the chairs are drawn) is the counter area you see in pics that looks like a floating slab of granite
– the south west corner has the door to the basement and the opening to the living room – In the North-west corner is the door to our back porch/ the alley

So there’s the mini tour. Probably should have done that months ago!

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