New Center City bike lanes!

bikes_nutter_550 phila inquirer

Mayor Nutter cut the ribbon to officially acknowledge the new east-west bike lanes on Spruce & Pine yesterday!  It is so so nice to have our very own lane to get across the city.   Our commute from our new house to work is now +75% on bike-only lanes!!  Our old commute was 95% on shared Bike-Bus lanes…  those also double as turn lanes for cars, pick up/drop offs or people who want to avoid traffic by using the bus lane (I cant say I’m not guilty of driving in the bus lane occasionally – but not if bikes are around).  We’ll keep biking in the city, lane or not, but of course I PREFER the bike-only lanes.  Much safer, especially when biking solo. 

Thank you Mayor Nutter, Bicycle Coalition, & everyone else who worked hard to get these lanes in!

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