Spring Greening

Every Spring we take the time to plant our front garden, kitchen box, and deck planters. It’s a labor of love and if done early enough in the season gives us full, healthy plants all summer long to enjoy around the house. This year we planted the first week in June, which is a little late since the plants ideally should be established before it gets too hot. And since we are very slow on posting you also get to see some progress photos of plantings from the beginning of July.

Here is our garden in the Spring, pre planting:

Once all our Spring bulbs die down, there is a good amount of dead material to clean out.

We then turn over the soil and amend it with compost and manure.

Now we are finally ready to plant!

Now time to pick up plants. With two car seats in our car, we had to get a Philly Car Share to haul all the plants, and we filled every inch of that car.  

End of day one and we got the garden prepped and a few plants in.

On Day #2, we planted the remainder and re-setup our fountain.

Now a month later the garden is doing well!

The plants are filling in and producing colorful blooms.

We adjusted our lights to also create a beautiful night experience.

In the kitchen box, we just planted herbs & veggies.

These are located next to our kitchen door right on top of the back gate.

A month later all are doing well. The radishes sprouted, the pepper has grown and the mint is hardy!

Lastly is the roof deck. With the exception of the sedum in the corners, we replace all the plants each year because of the shallow nature of the planters.

We picked a variety of plants to provide a range of colors and heights.

It is just great to sit out here, and grille whiling enjoying the plants and taking in the city views!

I hope you are also enjoying the summer foliage around you!

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